Random things …

I’m working on a few random projects this holiday weekend, which hopefully will lead to some finishes soon. I’ll let the photos tell the story this week.

First up, I made the top to my Michael Miller Challenge quilt. It’s my first design, and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. (Though I’m befuddled as to why the center square looks a little skewed in this photo since I straightened it with a level on my design wall and set the camera on a flat surface before I took the shot.)

DSC_0008Here’s a close-up of the center:

DSC_0004To get ready to quilt, I’m making these practice sandwiches from old, cheap quilt fabric.

DSC_0006Last, but not least, I’m also almost done with my Atomic Apps quilt. Only two more block rows left! (Why didn’t anyone warn me how time consuming straight-line quilting is?)

DSC_0005And, if I recall correctly, I think there’s something called a Supernova Friendship Block Swap that I’d better get cracking on before the July 15 deadline!

Happy belated July 4 and July 1 (to my Canadian friends)!




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