Finished: plus-sign quilt top

I am very happy to share my finished Napoleon plus sign quilt top! This quilt is large enough to cover my bed, and it’s wide enough that it will hide the box spring without a bed skirt.

Getting photos of this hasn’t been easy. Every time I had a chance to grab photos, the weather wouldn’t cooperate. When it was nice out, I didn’t have time. So, I event though I wanted to share more process photos with you guys, it wasn’t meant to be.

As you can see on the photo below, this thing is a monster. It’s 109 1/4×96 3/4 inches, which is not only ample enough, it also won’t matter once it’s washed if it shrinks a bit.

front-2Here’s a cropped shot so you can hopefully see the fabrics a bit better, even if the perspective is a little weird. The light was too perfect this afternoon to miss.

DSC_0017Course, it was also windy …

DSC_0019DSC_0020DSC_0021So much for my outdoor photos! Don’t worry, I have an idea for a straight shot that I’ll take once it’s quilted and bound.

What I love about plus sign quilts is that they’re a great way to show off fabrics and you can size them to suit whatever yardage you have on hand. At six inches for the top/bottom squares, these are bigger than most, but I think it worked well for large-scale prints. Next time, I’ll probably do something smaller with solid fabrics.

As for quilting, I plan to do something with curves to offset all the straight lines, probably a large stipple. Anything fancier would really be lost. Another idea might be to emphasize the plus signs and do some echo-quilting in each one. I could also do basic straight lines, too.

Since this isn’t a full finish, I’m going to link it up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.




2 thoughts on “Finished: plus-sign quilt top

  1. Yes, I’m sure there will be lots of muttering under my breath when I try to quilt it! Thanks for the kind words.

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