Get ready …

quiltcon2015I cannot begin to tell y’all (as they say around here) how excited I am about this announcement. There are so many fantastic sewing retreats, trips, cruises, etc., out there but this is the one I’m saving my pennies to attend!

The good thing is I have a year to calm myself down so I hopefully won’t squeal like a teenage fan girl every time I see one of my quilty heroes. Either that or not cry because I’m so happy to be there.

Really undignified for a middle-aged woman, but I may not be able to help myself, I mean, it’s …

QUILTCON 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at who all is going to be there:
The quilters of Gee’s Bend, Denyse Schmidt, Weeks Ringle, Bill Kerr, Jacquie Gering, Elizabeth Hartman, Lizzy House, Angela Walters, Carolyn Friedlander, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Lisa Sipes, Maura Ambrose, Cristy Fincher and many more.
Special exhibits include The Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Quilts of the 70’s from the collection of Bill Volckening and The Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilts of the Month.

Member registration opens June 24, 2014. You can join the guild as an individual member for only $25. The general public registration opens a week later, July 1, 2014. You can also enter a quilt and there’s more than $10,000 in cash prizes.
The Modern Quilt Guild isn’t done announcing all the fun, so be sure to head on over to their site or be sure to follow my blog, since I’ll post updates as soon as they’re released.

So who’s with me?



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