Finished: for Abe and George

In honor of Presidents’ Day today, I have a little cross-stitch I finished yesterday that really encompasses both “Honest” Abe Lincoln and George “I cannot tell a lie” Washington:

honesty2This was another quickie, but the funny part (at least to me) is that I had this finished, all except for the G in my initials and the date, by late November. I’ve never done that with cross stitch or any other craft, i.e., gotten so close to the finish line and stopped short.

My reason? A pretty stupid one. I wasn’t sure I liked the G butting up against the L, but I also didn’t feel like taking the letters out and redoing them. Now that the piece done, I see how ridiculous that was. The initials look fine. Here’s a close-up:

honesty1The other funny thing (again, probably only to me) is George’s face. The instructions said to use the dark part of the variegated skein, Adobe. Guess the designers thought ol’ George got a tan while chopping down the cherry tree!

Pattern: Honesty, © Birds of a Feather (now out of print)
Stitch Count: 59H x 41W
Fabric: 32-count linen, Old Town Blend
Floss: Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art
Finished: Feb. 16, 2014

Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone.



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