First finish for 2014: a little table mat

I took a little break yesterday from the easy striped garter-stitch baby blanket I’m working on (which has turned into the beginnings of a nice lap quilt) to make a little something for my kitchen.

Next to my stove, I keep a number of ingredients such as a small container for salt, one for flour, my pepper mill, a bottle of EVOO and a basket for my utensils. I wanted to make something to go underneath them not only to help keep the area clean, but to remind me that I want to paint/redo the space with a black/white look.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll have all the accessories done before the kitchen gets out of the 1990s. Yellow paint and a grapevine wallpaper border, anyone?

I used Premier Prints cotton duck that I bought at It’s is heavier than quilting cotton, which I thought would be a little sturdier and stand up to multiple washings. The squares are 6.5 inches unfinished, and I used a half-inch seam allowance.


Since I wanted this to double as a hot pad, I added a layer of InsulBrite with the layer of batting. Then I did some quick straight-line quilting with the lines one inch apart. Here’s the back:

table_mat2The binding is quilting cotton, standard form of 2.5-inch strips folded in half, etc. I really like how the stripes tie the circles and chevron together. The finished size, approximately 11.5×22.5 inches will hold a 9×13-inch pan quite nicely.

Lola tried her best, but it was too dark to get a good shot of this in natural light, so apologies for the yellow afterglow.

All in all, it proved to be a quick and easy afternoon project!



7 thoughts on “First finish for 2014: a little table mat

    1. Too funny! I guarantee you, I did not have my hair done, my lipstick on or a pretty dress. And the idea of having chalk near my beautiful and expensive quilt fabric? I don’t think so.

    1. Thanks so much! I know the feeling. It’s the fastest quilted thing I’ve ever made, LOL. BTW, am really enjoying your blog. Your writing has such a lovely quality to it.

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