Last-minute DIY gifts: dryer balls and a Nook cover

If you’re looking for a last-minute DIY gift ideas, look no further than these wool dryer balls, complete with their own carrying case.

DSC_0006These are totally doable before the big day next week and don’t take much fabric. A fat quarter and some scraps will do it.

DSC_0007If you’d like to learn more about how useful the balls are, you can check out my first post about them here. You can find the tutorial I used at The Seasoned Homemaker.

I’ve used my set for about a year now and am ready to make another one (their fabric-softening properties only last that long). The one you see above is for one of my hippie-granola friends who I hope will appreciate something he can use without any excess chemicals. If nothing else, I hope he gets a laugh.

For the carrying bag, I used my favorite drawstring bag tutorial from Jeni Baker at In Color Order found here. Because I only had one fat quarter to work with, I made the bag a little narrower and taller, and added some scrap fabric inside to complete the lining. This time I used ribbon for the drawstrings and it was really nice to have one less sewing step.

DSC_0008I also made a cover for the Nook Color my friend’s daughter uses. I’m not 100 percent happy with how it turned out — next time I think I’ll make it a little wider. In fact, I’m a little worried it’s too small, but if I’m lucky it’ll just be a snug fit.

nook coverI used a combination of posts: the Nook Cover from Sara at Sew Sweetness found here and the iPad cover from One Shabby Chick found here, plus my own idea for a closure.

If I were to make one again, in addition to making it wider, I think I’d skip the interfacing and just quilt it. I don’t think it really needs the extra stiffness. At least I’m happy with the fabric choice — red is her favorite color and a text print is the perfect accent.

Now I have just one more gift to make, and then I’m home free for this year — wish me luck!








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