Knits in progress: Rose-Trellis sweater

The rain has washed away all the pretty snow from last week, and all we’re left with around here is wet and gray. I can’t complain, though. Today is the start of two-plus weeks away from my day job, and this year, it’s an especially needed break.

Earlier this week I discovered simple, small knit projects were a great thing to do in my office during lunch. Not only did I finish the baby blanket I made this fall, finishing something felt fantastic and rekindled my interest in knitting.

One of my goals for the new year (actually, it’s the same resolution every year) is to finish more projects before starting new ones. Here’s a look at what I’ll be working on next during my lunch hours when I get back to work. That is, if I don’t finish it over the holiday.

DSC_0006DSC_0002This is from Vogue Knitting, Winter ’95-’96, back in the day when intarsia knitting was all the rage. While it is an older pattern, I think the look and styling of the sweater is pretty classic. I love two-color (one color being white) graphic patterns, and I really liked the combo deal of something geometric with the diamond motif together with the rose and leaf trellis.

With most repetitive patterns, a magazine usually prints just enough to show you the repeat, so what I like to do is plot it into Excel and get a full size pattern.

DSC_0003This is so much easier to follow than a little 10-square grid. I made it the same way I do when I design quilts with Excel. You can see that post here.

Instead of the gray, I happened to have enough of a pretty, tweedy blue in my stash, so all I had to buy was the white. I’m using Garavogue Tweed, 100 percent wool, color 1586 for the blue. The white is Lamb’s Pride. 85 percent wool, 15 percent mohair, color M-11 White Frost.

I usually start with the sleeves — it gives me that sense of accomplishment early on. Once I have the ribbing done and have cast on to larger needles, I almost always take the smaller needles and cast on the next sleeve so I can work on the ribbing while I’m working my way up the pattern.

It seems to make it easier for me that way and I can measure the ribbings together and make sure they’re the same length if I’m not counting rows.

DSC_0005Here is one of the sleeves and the bottom of the front. I have made the second sleeve, I just forgot to put it in the photo.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on this and I thought I was further along on the back, but I vaguely recall doing a major frog on this piece because I found a mistake. The same mistake — placing one of the motifs a row higher than it should be — is also on the sleeves, but I think I’ll just live with it on them since I don’t think it will be as noticeable.

Well, and because I really don’t want to rip them out and redo them.

DSC_0004As much as I like the gray/white in the magazine, I think the blue works equally well. Before I can get to it, though, I still have a few last-minute Christmas gifts to make.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!





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