Inspiration Friday: meet Lola

I am so excited to share with you an early Christmas present Santa Claus brought me today.

Her name is Lola.

She’s pretty.

She’s black.

I think I’m going to love having her around.

Are you excited to see her?

You won’t have to wait much longer …

Drum roll, please.

This is the last cell phone photo you’ll likely ever see here now that Lola’s around.

Lola is my beautiful new camera. A Nikon D3200, which is a great starter DSLR. After a year of research where I read many excellent online reviews as well as a strong recommendation from a pro photographer I work with, I decided she was the best choice to start me on one of my goals for the new year — better blog photos.

Best of all, Santa also brought me some new fabric in the mail today, but you’ll have to wait till the weather improves before I can show it to you. Rule #1 of good photography is natural light!





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