Holiday gift sewing: two fleece blankets

It’s here! Can you believe it? I know I can’t, but it’s true. I finally had time to do some sewing this weekend, and with the holidays approaching, I thought I’d get started on my gift list.

One of my favorite things to make are double-sided fleece blankets; they’re perfect for the chilly months ahead. (You can find my tutorial here; if you’ve seen it before and haven’t made a blanket yet, I added a few helpful tips today.)

The first one is for one of the not-so-little girls I take care of from time to time. Well, actually, she’s not so little anymore, which is why she’s getting a blanket. The one I made for her when she was five just doesn’t quite keep her nine-year-old body warm enough. Here’s what this Santa will bring her in a few weeks:

chloe_blanketThe fabric choice needed to be something young enough for a nine-year-old, but sophisticated enough to last her through high school. I hope this fits the bill!

I’m almost done with another one I made for a basketball fan. Here it is (apologies for the bad indoor iPhone photo) at the machine, waiting for me to stitch the back side of the binding:

bball blanket

Tip: If you’ve forgotten to put whatever label you want to use on the back (like I do) and have serged all the edges together, instead of taking one side apart, you can attach your label in this first seam.

I have tape labels, so I fold them in half and pin them with the cut side to the edge, leaving enough room when I fold the binding over so my name still shows. That’s what I did on these two blankets:

label photoIt’s machine stitched inside the binding and then again on the outside. You could also just fold the raw edges under and stitch them, or use pinking shears on the raw edges, then sew the long side in the seam. Remember to make sure you can still see your label name when you fold the binding over and stitch.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll have more inspirational quilts to share from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center later this week.



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