Inspiration Friday: more quilts from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Last week, I wrote about my trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati and the lucky surprise at finding the exhibit, “And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations,” which features 85 quilts made by the Women of Color Quilter’s Network. I wanted to show you more of these wonderful works of art.

Unfortunately, this set doesn’t contain any of the artist’s information, but their beauty is still worth seeing. Take a look:

This one celebrates Juneteenth, or National Emancipation Day.
I’m always amazed by quilters who can capture faces with fabric so well.
I love the water on this one.
Aren’t these two just gorgeous?
I love the subtle stitching of faces on this one.

IMG_0071 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0076 IMG_0079The exhibit runs through March 2014, but I’ll have yet another batch next week. And for those of you wondering if you’ll ever see me make anything again, I promise, a new post of my stitches will be here soon!



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