Inspiration Friday: Help me pick my next project

If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of fabric in your quilt stash that you just don’t quite know what to do with yet.

Or maybe you bought it for a pattern that you didn’t get around to making, and now you don’t like the pattern anymore. That’s the situation I find myself in as I contemplate my next quilt.

(Please don’t remind me of the WIPs in my stash that I should finish instead.)

photo 1Here are some close-ups of the fabric (apologies for the not-so-good iPhone photos):

photo 2 photo 3I bought this flannel about eight years ago, and had planned to make this:

photoI still like it, but as my tastes have gown toward modern quilting, it just doesn’t work for me with that fabric as much as some newer things I’ve seen would.

I have an idea of what I’d like to do, but I’d love your feedback. Which of these quilts do you think would work best?

roskelleyI like this hashtag quilt by Camille Roskelley from her Craftsy class, “Pre-cut Piecing Made Simple.”

oliverandsThis is a free pattern from Oliver and S.

Basket-Case_thumb1This is Fall Basket Case from Allison Harris at Cluck Cluck Sew.

Whichever one I choose, I plan to use this fabric entirely for the background:

photo 4

The quilt will be for my bed, and I plan to send it for quilting on a longarm machine, since it will be too large to do on my DSM. I’d love to have some sort of maple-leaf pattern done in variegated thread all over as a contrast to the strong straight lines.

So, which do you like best? Quilt #1, #2 or #3? Or do you have another idea you think would be better?



2 thoughts on “Inspiration Friday: Help me pick my next project

  1. I like the third one, it has the intricacy of a traditional quilt but with a modern twist, and it would work with pretty much any fabric or colourway.

    bear in mind I dont quilt so am going on aesthetics.

    I have the fabric stash to end all stashes (I can just abou close the spare bedroom door) each piece was bought for a costume I intended to make at the time, except now I can’t remember what some of them were – last time I went hunting for a piece of blaack taffeta I was embarrased to discover I had three separate five metre bits

    1. That was my first choice and I think still is. Yesterday, I pit it into my old EQ5 software and added sashing to see if I liked that better. Of course, one of the designers I work with liked it better that way, but I liked it better without! Good thing I have a few WIPs I’m determined to finish first. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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