Finding inspiration in unexpected places

When I don’t have time to do any stitching of any kind, which has been the case this week, I still like to look at ideas for future projects. I often find they come from the most unexpected places.

Hexagons are all the rage in modern quilting, and I’ve been slow to jump on the bandwagon. But here’s a photo of a tile floor that really appealed to me as a possible quilt.

hexagon quilt ideaIn addition to the Greek key border, my favorite part are the dots of hexagon surrounding each flower-like shape. I also love the wide amount of negative space, but I guarantee you I wouldn’t make that in all hexagons!

One night, while watching TV, I saw a commercial for a mattress that had some exquisite quilting on it. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 10.03.01 PMIsn’t that gorgeous? I just love all the double-outlined paisleys. If I were a better quilter, I would so want to do a whole cloth quilt like this. Since the mattress is part of a $1300 set, making my own quilt is the only way I’ll ever see it in my bedroom.

I found this idea while trolling for fabric online. Available at, it’s Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Oskar Terrace Flint and would be a very easy to adapt using jelly rolls:

Large_CZ-421Here’s another jelly-roll fabric idea; this time from Online Fabric Store:

TOWOXNA_1zWhile it’s not unexpected, I love finding inspiration from other bloggers and on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites:

daisy_baby_quilt-craftsyThis is a free pattern by Pipers Girls over at that I pinned this morning. I like the texture of the sashing in the printed blocks and the solid background.

OK, this one, from KD Quilts is just too cute for words:

whole-alligator1I also love pinning quilts that are probably beyond my current abilities. This one is by Kent Williams:

rkentwilliams_around-the-bendThis last one, “The Ravens of Angels Crest,” by Thom Atkins, is definitely beyond my talents and always will be. But it’s so stunning, I just love looking at it.

Ravens-of-Angels_Crest_10_webWhatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you find a little unexpected inspiration. I want to say welcome to my new followers from the past few weeks, and a big thank you to everyone for stopping by. It really does mean so much!



2 thoughts on “Finding inspiration in unexpected places

    1. Thank you so much! I’m not a big appliqué fan, but I agree that alligator is just too cute. On the website she has it in other colors, but I like the blue, white and green the best. If you want more inspiration, check out my modern quilt board on Pinterest. More than 400 of them. I’m at one million stitches. 🙂

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