Finished: knitted baby blanket

I had hoped to show you a finished Halloween quilt with a new (to me) method for basting the layers before quilting, but no such luck. After I got the fabric all ready for the pins, I checked my stash of batting and found the largest size I had wasn’t large enough.

So, since there’s hardly a shortage of WIPs around here, I decided I would work on the baby blanket I started a few weeks ago as a way of feeling a little less guilty for not getting anything accomplished other than watching reruns of “Boston Legal.”

Denny Crane, anyone?

I modified the pattern to account for my not having quite enough yarn for the project, and I think it worked quite well. Take a look:

knitted baby blanketI think the stripes work pretty well for this, though I wouldn’t mind making this again with a single color. I used a different method to bind off, which I really liked. You knit the first two stitches (knitwise) and then put the stitch it creates on the right needle back on the left and repeat. Easy and fairly invisible once it’s done.

The finished size is a little small – 28″x32″ – but I think it would work for a newborn. Still, I might add a border on all four sides in another color. I have more Emu Superwash in a pale sky blue or I could try or some pale yellow. Anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: I decided to keep the blanket as is and save the rest of my yarn for another blanket, so that makes this another finish for 2013!

I hope to get more batting tomorrow and will be able to show you a finished Halloween quilt, sneaking it in just in time for the holiday. Until then, thanks so much for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “Finished: knitted baby blanket

    1. Thanks so much – me, too! Though I’m bummed it’s a little too small for most donation sites. I might try knitting some strips separately and attaching them like a log cabin block. Could be a fun modern interpretation. 🙂

      1. I just checked the Project Linus website, and their baby blanket dimension guidelines suggest 30″ x 30″, but they do make a point of saying that these are approximate suggested dimensions and that kids and blankets come in all sizes (!), so I bet some organization would gratefully accept it. If you do modify it log-cabiny style, I look forward to seeing it!

      2. Thanks for checking, that’s good to know. I must have looked at the wrong place, because I thought 36″x36″ was the smallest they took. I have plenty of yarn, I may try adding more just to see how it looks. It’ll let me procrastinate weaving in the ends for awhile longer (the part I hate the most!)

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