Knitted baby blanket progess report

I haven’t had much time for any kind of stitching this week, other than some mindless knitting in front of television. The knitted baby blanket I started a couple of weeks ago is perfect for this.

Oh yes, I did manage finally to get my new header up. Better than the old one, I think, although I wish I could figure out how to get rid of the gray line on top. Anyone have any answers for that?

Here’s where I am on the blanket as of today:

photoSince this is destined for charity, mostly likely Project Linus, which donates handmade blankets of all kinds to seriously ill or traumatized children, it needed to be something washable.

The blue is some Emu Superwash I had in my stash; the yellow is an unlabeled acrylic. I’m knitting it on size 8 29-inch circular needles. I really like using circular needles for things like this so my arm won’t get tired holding the stitches as the piece grows.

These are made or bamboo, which are my favorite. I know some knitters don’t like them because they’re slower, but I like that they’re quiet, and because they hug the yarn a bit, I can get the stitches really close to the edge and not worry about them easily slipping.

If only that meant I was a faster knitter. So not the case.

While the original pattern is done with one color, and I knew I didn’t have enough of the blue, I decided I could get away with knitting the middle rows of garter stitch in another color. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I still have enough blue (even though yardage wise it should have been), so I’ll either add more yellow in the middle, or maybe even add some white, which would work nicely.

I hope to have my felted potholder done later this week — can’t wait to show you!



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