A few WIPs and a finish

There hasn’t been much time over the past week or so to do much blogging or sewing, but I did make some progress on a few WIPs that I wanted to share with you. I even managed a small finish.

Miracles do happen, as my mother used to say.

I got a little more done on my quilt of valor that I began July 4th. To be honest, I feel guilty every time I think about procrastinating on this one. Maybe blogging about it will help push me a little. (The fabric is a jelly roll from “Nautical and Nice” by Sandy Gervais for Moda.)

DSC_0003At least now, it looks like you get a sense of where I’m going with this and why I’ve already named it (yes, my favorite part seems to be naming my quilts!) “Landing Strip.” I’ve got more free time in the next week, so I hope to get at least the top done soon.

Some of you may remember my attempt at creating a block based on the front of the magazine I work on in my day job, and how it didn’t quite work. (Julia Rothman’s “Type” fabric.)

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia39It went from what you see above to this:

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia40Definitely better. I added a little more at one of my Louisville Modern Quilt Guild meetings, and then the rest this past week:

office_pillow Eventually, (another project I hope to check off this week), it’ll be a cover for the pillow I use every day in my office. I also want to make a wall hanging from this fabric as well.

I’m fairly pleased with how the improv is turning out, but I have to admit, I’m not that crazy about working this way. I don’t like to think of myself as a color-in-the-lines kind of girl, but maybe I just haven’t been quilting long enough to enjoy flying blind yet.

One of our recent guild challenges was to make a nameplate for ourselves to help us get to know who everyone is. Here’s mine:

nametagI love how this turned out. The scraps are left over from another WIP that I blogged about on my “Designing with Excel” post. I decided to do my name in cross stitch since it would be so much easier and quicker than quilting individual letters. And, of course, I wanted to include a little plug for my labels and the blog.

For my name, I used the Sierra Madre font (how incredibly misnamed, given its look). I love the Art Deco period, especially the fonts, and thought it would look great with the fabric, which, to me, had the same feel.

It’s a little dark in the photo, but I used DMC floss #550, which is a great shade of grape, perfect for showing up on the golden scrap linen I had on hand. After making the pieces, I sewed them right sides together with the strap stitched on one side in between the two pieces and left an opening. Then I turned it right-side out, slip-stitched the bottom by hand and stitched in the ditch around the linen for stability.

Here’s the back:

nametag-backLast weekend, I made a little progress on the big quilt: (Clearly, I threw the blocks up on my design wall without paying any attention to direction before snapping this photo.) The fabric is some Kaffe Fasset and a few additional items from my stash.

8-10-13Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at my latest efforts. I hope you’ll come back soon.



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