A lined drawstring bag

Since I had pretty good success with the tote bag I made from fabric I recycled from a comforter, I thought I would use some of it to create a small bag from Jeni Baker’s tutorial on her wonderful blog, “In Color Order.”

While her tutorial is for quilting weight cotton, I thought it could easily be adapted to my project. Here’s how it turned out:

bag1 bag2 I thought I could use this to carry my good shoes in so I don’t ruin the backs while driving. However, it is a little small for anything more than sandal flats (I didn’t measure before cutting!), so when I make a version for my next tote using my black/white graphic fabric, I’ll be sure to size it a little longer and wider.

While the tutorial is very well done, like all her tutorials, the one change I would make in the future is to finish the edges where the opening is for the drawstrings. The frayed edges have a tendency to pop through when you’re opening/closing the bag, but I don’t think it would need much more than a little fray check.I also think I’d do this even with quilting weight, but definitely with home dec.

You could even serge the pieces before sewing them together, but I’d probably just do that on the sides, since it is a lined bag and the seams don’t show.

If you choose to make this from home decor fabric like I did, I’d recommend making the opening for the drawstrings a little wider than the inch she recommends. I had a lot of difficulty getting both strings through and the bag doesn’t open or close easily. I’m sure that’s due to the excess buck of the fabric.

Still, I’m happy with the result, and if I don’t use this to carry shoes, it’ll be a good bag to use to store plastic liners for the garbage can in my bathroom. I can just hang it from a command hook on the door!

Here’s what it looks like poofed up:

bag4 bag3I always love surprises like people coming out of corners rather than having them in the center. It’s even better when I don’t plan it that way and just get lucky.

I hope everyone’s having a fun and relaxing weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by!



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