Help me finish these WIPs

So, last time, I wrote about my new process pledge, and I’m very sincere about it. More posts, more often, far from perfect, but I hope they will give you some insight into the design process — mine or anyone else’s.

With some quilts, it’s all about the design and the shapes a quilter can create with the fabric. But I think for most of us, it’s far more often about the fabric. Here’s an example:

Mod SnowmanI finished this top probably 18 months ago, maybe longer, and it’s only been in recent months that I saw how back then I started my progression toward a more contemporary style of block and overall design.

When you have negative space, like the white and the black, it gives you an opportunity to do some really cool shapes, but on this quilt I’m stuck. Here’s why:

mod snowman3I adore this fabric; it was the inspiration for the entire quilt. But I don’t want to just quilt around the snowmen (been there, done that), and yet I don’t want to quilt it too heavily either (likely cutting through the faces) because then you’d miss what’s special about it.

Here’s the red, which could handle an all over pantograph more easily than the snowmen, but again, I don’t want to quilt it too heavily. (The photo is from my new iPhone 4; definitely doesn’t do as good a job as my Android or Nikon D7000 that I sometimes can borrow from work, but the price was right — only $.99.)

photoI finished this queen-sized top several months ago, a combination of four-patches and single blocks from Moda’s “Figgy Pudding,” by Basic Grey:

mod ChristmasIt’s ginormous, so it was tough to get a good inside photo of it. I think one of my problems with this one is the size. I’m too old to get on my knees to baste this and too cheap to pay a longarmer. Since it’s such a blended quilt, it could definitely handle a layer of stitches all over, and the solid blocks would give me the opportunity to try something fun.

So what do you think? Any suggestions to help these quilts become whole? Do you run into problems like this and let projects sit for months? I’d love to hear any feedback or ideas you have.



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