All about the process

In general, when I start a craft project, I really try to finish it before moving on to something new. I think it came from my Mom, who instilled the fear of God in me when she taught me to knit, telling me that if I stopped in the middle somewhere, my work would develop a ridge between rows.

Sorry, Mom. So not true. And nothing that a good block and press can’t get out. Even after years and years.

For the most part, I’ve tried to keep to my mother’s rule, though I admit, I do have about half a dozen projects in various stages of completion at the moment.

I’m much better with my cross-stitch projects. Currently, I have two, “And They Sinned” and Teresa Wentzler’s “Fantasy Sampler.” I abandoned the Wentzler long ago when I lost interest in the Celtic/dragon thing, but I looked at it awhile back and decided I might like it again enough to finish it.

However, with quilts, I seem to throw all sense of completion out the window. There are three quilt tops on my guest bed waiting for some quilty love and at least that many tops/blocks in my sewing room.

And sewing projects? Don’t get me started. I still have a jacket I cut out in 1977 that never got finished.

Turns out, I’m more of a process person than I realized. But after years of beating myself up for not finishing more, I’ve decided I’m ok with it, especially with quilting and this blog. Rossie, on her blog, wrote a great post about this that you can find here.

process_pledge(She also created the cool button above that I’ve added to the right sidebar. I was thrilled to master installing a custom widget!)

One of the things she said that resonated with me was that craft bloggers seem to be in such a rush to post a finished project, rather than reveal the inspiration that went on behind it. Kind of like making sure your house is spotless before company arrives.

In reading this, I realized part of why I don’t post more is that I succumb to the pressure to have picture perfect projects, beautifully photographed, like I see on many of the blogs I follow. And it also seems like some of these bloggers can quilt/sew at the speed of light.

Here’s the deal. That’s not me. For whatever reason(s) I’m kinda slow at this. I like to take my time. I get a little ADD between quilting, cross-stitching and knitting. Some days, I’m just not in the mood.

Still, over the years, I’ve managed to finish quite a few things, and I’d rather enjoy the process, even if it means I finish fewer of them, than feel I have to rush to meet some arbitrary deadline.

So, expect more posts with unfinished works, but hopefully ones you’ll still enjoy. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have people from around the world who follow this blog, from as far away as South Africa to a couple of coworkers nearby. It is such a privilege to be able to share this journey with you.

One thing I did finish today, I finally posted my Finished Quilts page, which you can see just under the header photo. I hope to have pages for my knitting and cross stitch soon, but like the rest of this, it’ll be a process.



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