The defining block

Today we have our first meeting of the Louisville Modern Quilt Guild, and our assignment was to bring a block that represented our tastes in modern quilting.

Of course, I couldn’t do something easy, and I put it off till the last minute, so I had to scramble to get something done.

My vision was to create a series of magazine blocks to tie in with my job as an editor. I took the magazine I work on and made some measurements, rounding up or down where necessary and came up with a block that would be like the cover:

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia39Unfortunately, this didn’t really work for me. The part with the blue with the glasses and pencils (known as the banner) just doesn’t stand out enough in the sea of letters. I do like the selvage standing in for the title, but it gets lost in the letters, too.

I debated on and off, and as usual, way over-thought it. Finally, I remembered my recent purchase of “Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Blocks” and decided to look there. Though I started out with one of the rectangle patterns, I thought one of the squares would work better with the fussy-cut typewriter.

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia40I’m much happier with this block than the one above.The focus is more intriguing and the text fabric doesn’t overwhelm anything like it did in my first attempt. I also love that it wasn’t perfectly symmetrical, either.

I’ll certainly attempt to design something in the future, but for now, I think I’ll stick with the experts. If you’re interested, follow the links to learn more about the Louisville Modern Quilt Guild or the national organization.



2 thoughts on “The defining block

  1. love your choice of fabrics! you have also prompted me to look up quilds in my area. i am new to quilting, so i need all the help and support i can get! that first challenge sounds like a lot of fun. you’ll have to keep us updated on some of the other “assignments” you receive 🙂

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to quilting! Some of the most fun for me is picking out the fabrics, whether it’s the whole collection or just a few pieces that I can pair with something else from the same color family or with solids. I hope to have photos from yesterday’s meeting up within a few days, so either check back here or visit the LMQG blog. And if you can’t find a guild in your area, do what I did and start your own. 🙂

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