Stop, start and almost finish

It was a long and stressful week at work, but thankfully, a four-day weekend with lots of sewing has been just the ticket to set things right.

Somehow, though, I couldn’t seem to stick to one project. I spent the first day trimming 253 hourglass blocks, which sounds like a lot, and it was, but I got into a groove, and it wasn’t too bad. My new rotating cutting board was a huge help.

253 blocksFor what I have in mind, I’ll need to see the whole quilt, both up close and from a distance, in order to decide where each block should go. Given that it will finish at 81″ square, I’m going to need a large space, and I wasn’t up for the challenge of moving things around to get it.

Instead, I went back to a WIP, a set of nine-patch blocks using 1930s-style fabric. It’s “Aunt Grace Friends Around the World,” by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. I’ve had it about 10 years and have already made one queen-sized quilt for a friend and a baby quilt for another. Amazingly, I think I have enough to make an oversized queen quilt for my bed, if I find something else for the back.

I didn’t get much done on it – just five blocks from two strips of fabric:


What I love about this fabric, other than it being ’30s style, is that each one is named after a country. The orange one is for Turkey and the yellow with tiny squares is for Italy. I’ve had a lot of fun picking sets based on friends I’ve had from a particular place or the ones I’ve visited. Here’s a close up:

elephant blockAs you can see, even though I’ve completed 80 blocks already, even with some of the sashing, I still have quite a ways to go:

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia39 contentmediaexternalimagesmedia40 contentmediaexternalimagesmedia41 I couldn’t stick with this one, either. While taking a break, I started going through my Pinterest files (check me out at The Crabby Editor) and came across a simple striped baby quilt. I had been looking for something to make with some shamrock fabric I had bought a couple of years ago for a project that didn’t pan out, and thought it would be perfect for this quilt.

The Oklahoma City MQG is accepting donations for victims of the devastating tornado, and they’re calling it Moore Love. One of the most heartbreaking stories to me was of the young mother with her seven-month old infant, killed while hiding in an empty chest freezer she thought would protect them. I just kept thinking about them and praying for them and the others affected by the tragedy while I made this, praying for peace and love and hope, and that my small offering could help in some way.

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia44Here’s the detail on the fabric (I always love how quilts look so different from a distance as opposed to close up.):

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia46I haven’t quite finished yet, I’m still in the quilting stage. On the argyle, I’m doing large triangles, using the diagonal lines as a guide. For the shamrocks on mottled green, I’m doing an all over stipple, which I really need to practice. And for the green dots, I’m not 100 percent sure, but probably something modern like concentric squares.

Here’s the back:

contentmediaexternalimagesmedia48-1Thankfully, this has gone much easier than my last project, even with the high-loft batting I’m using (not my first choice, but it was what I had in the house), and I haven’t had to rip anything out yet – major bonus!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day here in the U.S. and perhaps take a little time to remember not just our veterans, but all who serve their nations proudly.




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