My new favorite tools

A few weeks ago, I went on a shopping spree for some new quilting tools like some of the ones I have seen on the quilt blogs I follow. Take a look:

DSC_2372I think this might be my favorite – it’s a gripper for your rulers, and it totally helps you keep the ruler straight so your cuts are more accurate. Bear in mind, this puppy sticks on tight, so if you remove it, be careful you don’t bend or break your ruler in the process.

DSC_2373I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m a big fan of circle quilts and hope to make one some time this year. I hope this tool works as well as the gripper.

DSC_2374I got these to help me wrangle the baby quilt I finished recently. The idea is you roll the excess quilt and clamp them with these so it fits easier under your machine. I have to say, these didn’t really help. They might work better on a larger quilt, but on a baby size, they tended to move around too much. Also, I’m not sure I was crazy about the large roll either. I think I had more control just shoving it all under the arm.

DSC_2376I love these Clover wonder clips – I used them to keep the binding in place so I could machine stitch the back side. Normally, I like to hand stitch bindings, but since the quilt was for a baby, I figured the more secure the better. I plan to put these to good use when I design and make a new tote bag for myself.

DSC_2371Last is one of those rotating cutting boards, and I have to say I really like it. I’m doing an hourglass quilt top (more to show on that soon) and it definitely is a help with cutting and trimming.

I hope you got some ideas for new toys to help make your quilting more fun. If you have any ideas for other neat gadgets, let me know!



2 thoughts on “My new favorite tools

    1. I know – isn’t it? And for some, like that grip for rulers, I wonder how I lived without it all this time! Thanks so much for visiting and for following my blog. XO.

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