An easy table runner and other news

I love the non-traditional colors here.
I love the non-traditional holiday colors here.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite easy projects, a table runner I made that highlighted different-scale prints.

My friend who sent me the fabric for my current blog header, also sent me the fabric for this. (Don’t you just love friends who support your fabric habit?)

Like the other table runner, I didn’t have anything to add to this fabric (I think there were five fat quarters in the set), and cute as it is, I just didn’t want to try and make something bigger out of it.

I love blended blocks and I love that with this project you can’t easily tell where all the pieces join together – it almost looks in parts like it’s one piece of fabric.

Essentially, it’s just a nine-patch block made up of smaller-scale prints, next to a large-scale print single-piece block. I made the middle section from three individual border prints (cut in two repeat sections), which are the same width as the two blocks.

I kept the quilting simple, just some large stippling and some outlining and it was done!

In other news, I did spend time at my machine this weekend, still procrastinating on the quilting for my friend’s baby quilt.

Instead, I decided to do a little experimenting. I have a small, eight-inch piece of cross-stitch I had done many years ago that  was part of a bigger, unfinished piece. It was from a sampler called, “Cluny,” and I loved the combination of the white and blue backgrounds.

Photo from
Photo from

This sampler is pretty old, and back then, you weren’t as likely to find pieces that had a large area to fill in with stitches (like this one does) as you can now.

Instead of being stitched, the white part was actually a separate piece of Aida cloth, that you sewed onto the navy piece and then stitched the border.

I never got around to finishing the border, but had kept the alphabet part, figuring I could do something with it. Initially, I thought of turning it into the center of a medallion quilt, but to be honest, I just wasn’t sure I liked it enough for that — at least not with the fabric I have that would best go with it.

Propped by the front door to minimize my reflection and catch the last of the day's light.
Propped by the front door to minimize my reflection and catch the last of the day’s light.

So instead, I decided to turn it into a wall hanging. I’m still not quite satisfied with it, but it works for now. I might take out the pink band and just do the blue floral, or maybe I’ll get inspired for something modern to go with it. I love juxtaposing two totally different styles.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.



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