Life took me over

Life took me over the past few weeks – you know how it goes – more projects and things you have to do than time in a day? That’s been my story lately.

So, while not a lot of time for sewing, I did embark on another project, one I love sometimes more than the actual sewing, which is the organizing of the sewing. I wish I could remember which one, but while cruising along the quilt blogging universe one day, I came across a quilter who had all her fabric organized on comic book boards, which are basically acid-free, heavy-weight paper.

You fold the fabric lengthwise either once or twice to get it to the board height, which are almost as tall as letter-sized paper, then you wrap the fabric around the board, just like on a bolt. For multiple yardage, you can use two boards. Here’s a look at the result of a lot of ironing and folding:

021813-1That’s almost all of it, but given that the boards come in packets of 100 and I’m already on my third package, clearly I’ve got a lot of fabric to keep me happy. It was actually quite fun to revisit purchases I made when I first learned to quilt. Some of the patterns I bought the fabric for are ones I wouldn’t dream of making now, but at least I still love the fabric. I’ll have some photos and ideas in future posts for you.

I did manage to get a little more done on soon-to-be-baby Audrey’s quilt:

021813-2I would have had the top completed but discovered on the end pieces on two of the white block rows that my math was a little faulty. I trimmed 1/4″ on one side where I should have trimmed a 1/8″ on both. So, I’ll have to redo those four little blocks, as well as rearrange the duplicate stripe on the left side that will drive me crazy to leave as is.

Next, I’ll have to really decide on the quilt pattern since May — and Audrey — will be here before long. I’d love to hear your ideas – what do you think I should do? Let me know in the comment section or drop me a line at onemillionstitches-at-gmail-dot-com.

I’m so happy you stopped by for a visit!



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